"Samsara Boulevard’s music is an encounter of 4 experienced musicians who – living in in the drifted city - are looking for the divine by using music, human voices, and the tradition of mantra singing

accompanied by about 40 music instruments
On the way they are not afraid of showing, feeling and sharing the mistakes, indiscretions, humor, or

the most sentimental moments of a seeker
​from the deepest meditation to the craziest trance!"


"To heal,

to purify,

to create

with my music."

"Playing music

in harmony,

in sincerity,

in love."

"To help with SOUND."

"From folk music to pray.

From pray to world music.

From world music to freedom.

From freedom to Blessing."



We won more prizes at the mantra competition of Buddha Fm:

1. category 1. place
(composition of mantra)
Samsara Boulevard: Om Kama Pujitaei Namaha (composition of Anita Mihók)

"Traditional" special prize
Judit Sattwa Schrenk: Moola Mantra

„Special” special prize
Samsara Boulevard: "Transmeditation" (composition of Gábor Ölvedi)

Thank you for Buddha Fm and for the jury:

Zoltán Cser, András ​Laár, Lajos Pressing


Sound, Lights:

Életfa Audio Light Stage and Studio

Style, Dress:



Eszter Sarkadi Mirka

Erika György

Melinda Juhász