From the deepest meditation... the wildest trance!


We have closed this season with an energetic full house kirtan!  🕉 We are very grateful to you! 

Hopefully we will meet at some festival in the summer... 🤗

Birthday party

We invite you for a birthday concert to celebrate the 3. birthday of Samsara Boulevard! We are preparing with a real extatic and yet very emotional night, where there will be Dure with us, and from Russia - Stepan Christanov on sitar and Yuri Lebedev on tabla!


We are happy to organize another Trance-night for you! 

Trance dance and community music playing/drumming - we sing and play music with the your contribution! You can join on any instrument even without any previous experience in music or dancing. 

Medicine Buddha Mantra

We are happy to show you one of the most emotional songs of our Christmas concert:

🕉 Teyata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze

Radza Samut Gate Soha 

Healing Forest Concert

We are starting this year with a deep-relaxation concert, this is our tradition now. We are waiting for you with lot of beautiful mantras on the 26th of January to walk into the "Healing Forest" together! 

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